On 16-17 of March current year, within the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, was held a training program with the topic Open Educational Resources. This activity is part of the project Open Education in Moldova: Here and Now! phase II, with the aim to promote an adequate understanding of the rationale and processes of OER policy development through awareness raising, advocacy, resource development for the promotion of access and quality education for all by enhancing capacity building of educators to effectively and fully harness the potential of OER to expand access to lifelong learning opportunities and achieve quality education.

The training was attended by 21 teachers from the primary and general secondary education institutions, who discussed the following topics: the concept of OER; the OER access; OER application in education in certain school subjects; methodology of elaboration and development of OER; politics and actualities in Moldova; conceptual benchmarks and international challenges in OER; ethics in correspondence; basic aspects to capitalize digital competence of applicative manner.

The trainers involved Valeriu Gorincioi and Viorica Goraş-Postica, provided a consistent educational support and have facilitated the interactive training sessions, responding as much as possible to the needs and expectations of beneficiaries. One of the participants, Sergiu Ştefan, teacher of Romanian language and literature, Gymnasium Onesti, Hânceşti district, posted in a publication on-line the following message: “”It was a good exchanges of experience, gaining new knowledge and improving digital competences. Teachers were motivated to create and use open educational resources I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to be among those teachers to be among those teachers. We are grateful to the Educational Center Pro Didactica”. Among the factors that contributed to the proper conduct, quality and efficiency of the training program, the trainees have mentioned the following: professionalism and experience of trainers; friendly atmosphere, the contents clearly explained, practical shortened version of information; exchanges of experience between participants; the optimal conditions, favorable environment; freedom of expression and the possibility of active involvement of the participants; participants’ desire for knowledge; willingness, motivation, and hospitality; friendly, warm and positive atmosphere.

The project Open Education in Moldova: Here and Now!,  implemented by the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA,  with the financial support of the Foundation Open Society Institute, in cooperation with the Support Program in Education of the Open Society Foundations.

Project Coordinator
Cristina BUJAC