On 26th October 2017, the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA hosted the third and last follow-up in this phase of the project Open Education in Moldova: here and now!.

After a brief moment of organization, which consists in familiarizing each participant taking part in the event, in setting the order and rules for the presentation of the prepared digital resources, it was proceeded to the achievement of the proposed aim and objectives: an interactive exchange of experience, with the immediate reception of constructive feedback from audiences; conducting a dialogue on the subject; the analysis of the past, the present and especially of the future of OER in the national educational context.

Based on the above, we find that the digital products developed by humanistic teachers (Romanian language and literature, history, civic education), paradoxically prevailed.

At the same time, we were pleased to note the interest shown by the participants coming from all areas of the Republic of Moldova, including from some educational institutions on the left bank of the Nistru River.  It has also impressed us, the widest taxonomy of digital resources that were discussed (blogs, websites, video presentations of various kinds, software, etc.).

As a result, the participants reaffirmed their willingness that all the given materials be placed on the project website and to be available to the entire educational community in the country – pupils, students, teachers, parents, researchers (web-site This will certainly boost the number of OER users, but will also trigger the creativity in producing new digital resources for a new quality of educational process.

Valeriu GORINCIOI, trainer
Cristina BUJAC, project coordinator